Established in 2015 in Porto by architects Diogo Rego, Joaquim Barroso and Pedro Ricardo, the PARADOXO – Arquitectura e Investimento, Lda. is an architectural firm, whose portfolio includes works from furniture, apartments and houses to touristic and commercial buildings.

We are oriented for the development of architectural projects, urban planning, furniture, research, real estate investment and prospecting and we look forward to challenges facing them with the demanding prerequisite for creating a poetic dwell.




At PARADOXO we want to break preconceptions, overcoming the expectations in each project. Moved by the passion for architecture, we found in the body experience with the architectural work, experimentation and material expression, and modulation and prefabrication, a bet for a unique identity.

The combination of these themes, widely exploited in each project, allow us to conceive various spaces, unique and closely related to the Human being and his dwell, shaping a current and progressive thinking in the field of construction, keeping the growing demands of comfort and sustainability.

We defend an architecture of principles - of unity, of essence of the becoming work, of logical, critical and clear thought and creative symbiosis with the client, looking ahead in the becoming work and its use, the genesis of a poetic architectural.